AI that answers questions about your data

Retriever is an AutoGPT based chat on your data.Available as a ChatGPT Plugin or standalone.

* your retriever
* your data


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Retriever as a business assistant

We truly believe that this technology has the potential to transform how businesses operate for the better. With Retriever, we aim to give you a headstart. Bring your company into the AI age now and stay ahead of the game. 🚀💼.

Retriever preview of the platform website

No-Code configuration of data retrievers! Use GPT-4 to search your company database with natural language: ✅ ChatGPT searching your email inbox & sent items: ✅ Launch a AutoGPT instance for finding the best answers: ✅ And for more advanced usecases: Use one of our open source code templates (Python/TypeScript) to build your own retrievers!

Retriever as a business strategy consultant

What if artificial intelligence could find out how to make your business more successfull? Why settle for less?! Don't wait another minute! Join the waitlist NOW and be a part of the AI revolution! 🚀🌌